The Brew Lab, Gurgaon boasts of Glycol free beers.

We recently had a chance to be at The Brew Lab, Gurgaon which opened up roughly about six months back in the millennial city. The micro brewery boasts of having glycol free beers!

Now you may ask, what is glycol free beer and what is glycol doing in our beers?

Propylene Glycol Alginate is used in beers to add body, foam stabilisation and consistency. We all talk about the foam or cloud that appears on the beer, and Propylene Glycol Alginate is one of the reasons why! It is one of the ingredients listed on a Corona bottle. It is also very commonly used in cheap liquors. We are sure it is not healthy. But is it safe?

Arvind, Manager at Brew Lab says “It is a manufacturing technique from US that is being used first time here. Glycol is a chemical that is used as an anti freeze and a preservative in food items and not considered healthy.”

The brew labs beer cocktailsThe beers hence produced through the technique is generally flat so a bit of CO2 is added at the end. The four craft beers on offer are Wheat, American, Dark and Normal Lager.

We are sure with The Brew Lab, the people of Gurgaon have got another peppy joint to hang out at with great drinks menu. “This time we are focusing on beer cocktails. Inder is one of the best mixologist in town and it took him 3 months of R&D and tasting to shortlist about 12 beer cocktail offerings that we have” adds Arvind.

We also had a chance to speak with Inder and try some of this best concoctions and trust me they were awesome! The last drink I had fell in love with was mint chilli martini at a friend’s wedding and this time it was Kiwi flavoured beer cocktail at The brew lab. And if you are not sure what flavour you will like, just let Inder know what mood are you in to drink and he will come up with a magic potion for you!

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