Want something new? Propose a toast with Green beer!

Green beer is a celebratory twist to our favourite golden beer. Green beer day is a trend that was started by the students of Miami University, Ohio in 1952. The celebrations start somewhere at mid night where students are seen in their funky green beer t-shirts, hopping around the town and drinking the green liquid. Green beer is now also a drink for the St. Patrick’s day which is all about the green colour.

So basically, if you are celebrating anything to do with green color, green beer is the drink for you!

Traditionally, Green beer day is celebrated on a Thursday just before breaking for the spring. The drinking which starts somewhere around midnight goes till about 5 am. Green beer day clothing is catching up as a fashion trend and has evolved over the years. From custom t-shirts to scarves and hats, one can find all kinds of apparels with green beer logos, icons and slogans. Green beer day is now becoming a trend!

St. Patrick’s day which is originally an Irish holiday and celebrates Irelands patron Saint is nowadays an excuse to party, drink and wear green. A lot of St. Patrick’s day parade are seen around the world. Green beer, is one of the favourite drinks of the day and also called St. Patty’s day beer. It is common to find different types of Irish Green beer on this day. Historically, there were some restrictions on the consumption of alcohol on this day, which were later lifted.

green beer
Green Beer on St. Patrick’s Day

How to make green beer?

You will need green edible food colouring, pint glass and your favourite beer! Yeah, thats pretty much you need. Drop three to five drops of the color in the pint glass. Always pour the colour before pouring the beer. Mix it well and voila!

Some people are quite experimental and try out a blue-yellow combination and get a turquoise tinge in the beer. Want to get creative? Try different proportions of blue & yellow to get the perfect shade!

Health side effects

Green beer, though is great for celebrations, can have serious health implications more grave than that of the beer due to the addition of the food coloring. Little food coloring, one day of the year should ideally not have serious health effects, but incase the limits are surpassed the moderation level lead to ingestion. Oh and the beautiful white teeth tend to get all green. So do brush, brush a lot and do schedule a trip to the dentist if you must.

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