25th August – It’s ‘National Whiskey Sour Day’ in United States of America

Every year on 25th August, United states of America celebrated the ‘National Whiskey Sour Day’. On this occasion lets look at some facts below about whiskey and whiskey sour..

1. The first mention of Whiskey sour is traced back in 1870 Wisconsin newspaper.

2. After opening, a bottle of whiskey will remain good for about 5 years.

3. An unopened bottle of whiskey can be kept for 100 years and still be good to drink. So its safe to say.. A whiskey can last forever!

4. Sour is a taste. It is generally a mix of equal parts lime and lemon juice along with sugar syrup.

5. Bourbon is the most preferred whiskey in the whiskey sour however choose your pick!

6. Scotland has more than 20 million casks of whiskey maturing there.

7. Scotch whisky can only be called Scotch whisky when it has been left for a minimum of three years to age in casks, in Scotland.

8. Whiskey sour is incomplete without a orange wheel and a maraschino cherry to garnish.

9. During prohibition era, whiskey was allowed in US but only for medicinal purposes.

10. Some whiskey sour are also served with egg whites to make it frothy.


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