14 Wine jargons you must know

After taste: The taste that lingers in the mouth after a wine is finished. An after taste is characterised by intensity of the taste and the smell along with duration.

Appellation of Origin: You will find this phrase on a bottle of wine. The word appellation comes from french word “Appeller” which is generally a verb to describe someone’s name. Appellation of origin is the name of any geographical region like a city, county, state or a country where most of the grapes used in making of that particular wine were grown.

Balthazar: One of the three wise men and also a very common name in Shakespeare plays. However in the wine industry, it is a bottle containing 12 litres of wine. This is equivalent to regular 16 bottles.

Salmanazar: A large bottle holding nine litres, the equivalent of 12 regular wine bottles.

Blanc de Blancs: Sparkling white wine made of white grapes.

Blanc de Noirs: Sparkling white wine made of red grapes.

Brandy: Our favourite brandy which is also considered a cure for sore throat, cold, cough and flu is nothing but burnt wine

Butt: Old english unit of wine casks = 477 litres

Canopy: Part of the grape vine above the ground. In particular the shoots and the leaves.

Cold Duck: A mixture of red and white wine that has high sugar content.

Dessert Wine: Varies by region. In the UK, a very sweet, low alcohol wine. In the US by law, any wine containing over 15% alcohol.

Mead: A wine-like alcoholic beverage made of fermented honey and water rather than grape juice.

Bacchus: Roman god of wine, grape harvest and wine making.

Bodega: Spanish for winery, the room where the barrels are stored

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