Coffee Culture opens up in Navsari, Gujarat with a Parsi themed experience

Coffee cafes and lounges are becoming a new trend in the city with most of the urban population looking for options to sit back, relax and hang out with friends. Coffee culture has evolved over the years as a brand that provides its customer with not only some great preparations of food and coffee but a unique ambience with a feel good factor. Each of the coffee culture establishments have unique design with focus on minute detailing and complimenting lighting.

We caught up with Gaurav Narang, Founder of coffee culture who has nurtured the idea with his vision & passion. Read all about his journey and the newly opened Restaufe!

How and when the journey of coffee culture started for you? Tell us about your journey from ideation to execution?

I used to look at the need of the unique concept in the F&B business especially Cafes and was always so enthusiast to come up with such out of the box concepts. The charm of the industry pulled me into it.  Brand “Coffee Culture” is a product of months of sleepless nights and sweaty efforts to give the town – Surat, something that it deserved. When we opened the first outlet way back in 2004, we only emphasis in creating unique café lounges, an authentic food-beverages and casual service, that’s it. And the result is visible. That Idea is now a 13 year old Brand – Coffee Culture

How many outlets of coffee culture do we have pan India?

With the recent opening of Coffee Culture Navsari, we do have 13 outlets across India. And as per expansion plan we are adding 14 more by the end of this financial year.

Coffee culture in Navsari, Gujarat
Coffee culture in Navsari, Gujarat
Can you throw some light on the evolution of tea and coffee culture in India?

We are Coffee Culture so I would be able to Justify “Coffee” Culture. Coffee is not only a drink now, its an experience in itself. And Brands are capitalizing this opportunity to sell Coffee in best way possible. We serve Freshly extracted Espresso and coffee items made fresh. Our Focus is to create the best Restaufe experience built around coffee.

You have recently launched “Coffee culture” in Navsari, tell us more about its ambience and how you have made it culturally different?

Coffee Culture is known for its unique interiors and differentiation in the outlets. We take glimpse of the city/town and create our own theme based on it. Coffee Culture Navsari is designed and developed on the theme – Persian Local [Parsi touch]. Antique Furniture, use of Wood and light fixtures are so well developed that our customers take pics/selfies before placing order.

Young & Cool Ambience with a Parsi theme
Young & Cool Ambience with a Parsi theme
Any recommendations from the menu that our readers really need to try? How is your menu different from other coffee cafes?

Our menu is totally different from coffee cafes as we are not café, we are Lounge. And recently launched “New Menu 2.0” is class part. It is indeed a treat for our customers. Each and every product is worth trying. Sodas, Crazy Shakes, Breakfast menu, Wraps, Thin crust pizzas, Pavbhaji Fondue Sizzler, Nachos etc are something worth trying.

Coffee culture received the “Emerging Café Chain of the Year Award 2017” recently (by Restaurant India Awards 2017 hosted by Franchise India). How does it feel?

GREAT! You always feel great when your efforts are recognized. And I am thankful to our loving customers for their Love and Support.

Entrepreneurs come across many challenges, any interesting one that you would like to share with us?

I don’t see myself as an entrepreneur, I am a dreamer and work to fulfill that dream. But yes there are challenges attached always. When we were working on “First 100 customers get FREE food for ENTIRE year” on CC vapi Opening, we felt it is very difficult to execute and we were quite skeptical about the response. But on the day of opening there was actual a queue at the entrance, and even people were not even letting me go inside. [Ha ha] But it felt good to see the response and love of the people.

Whats next for you in the pipeline?

All I can say is that the show has just started. We are working on the full-fledged Brand expansion. The vision of Coffee Culture is to have 100+ outlets by the end of year 2020 with a strong national presence. Also we are working on the different models in brand itself. E.g. Mumbai Culture, Pune Culture, which are almost ready to hit the floor soon. It includes affordable alcohol with a unique concept which makes the place- Cafe by the Day and Watering hole by the night.

Even the requirement of Nonveg food is considered and our new outlets of Lucknow, Kolkata, Pune, Mumbai will be launched with it. Apart from that, the First outlet of “Pizza Culture” is already operational and 6 more are opening this year.

By the end of year 2020, Brand Coffee Culture will be operational in almost all the states of India. We are also working on expansion in overseas.

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