Traveller’s Diary Part #1: Chapman from Nigeria, Salty Tea from Sunderbands & Kokam Sherbet from Western India

We are all about drinks and beverages. Yes, we love to try a quirky new mix now and then. We asked a few girls from “Globetrotting Girls India” about various experiences they have comes across. We bring to you drinks from India and around the world that you must experience whenever you’re there!

Chapman from Nigeria, Africa by Kunjal Karaniya

Drinks Nucleus: Chapman from Nigeria
Chapman, Nigeria

“While I was living in Nigeria for a year, I happen to fall in love their traditional local red coloured drink ‘Chapman’. There are various versions of Chapman, but most common is mix of a soda (soft drink) of your choice with lemon and non-alcoholic grenadine (which gives it red pinkish colour). Sometimes they add apples, pineapples pieces, cucumber pieces or sweet orange too. One can add their choice of poison for the alcoholic version of Chapman but Campari is the famous one back in Nigeria. The final touch is a splash of angostura bitters, which complements the sweetness.”

Kunjal Karaniya

Kunjal Karaniya is a travel nut, passionate photographer, blogger, journalist and not just a dreamer! She’s always up for exploring new places, in search of exciting experiences. Google maps, DSLR and walking shoes are perfect match for her. A new destination, unforgettable journey and an unusual experience, is always on the charts.




Salty Tea from Sunderbands, India by Indrani Ghose

“Something unique that I tasted there was salty tea! Yes, Salty tea in Sunderbans! No, they didn’t add salt to it but the water there is salty so the taste changes.

Salty Tea, Sunderbans
Salty Tea, Sunderbans

They usually don’t add milk to this kind of tea and it is served when you are being cruised around the several islands through the mangrove forests. May be you can add sugar to sweeten it, but I just let it be and enjoyed the unusual local drink of Sunderbans.”

Indrani Ghose

Indrani is a travel blogger based in Bangalore. She also has a passion for photographing World Heritage Sites.






Kokam Sherbet from Western India by Ketki Gadre

Kokam sherbat“Whenever there is a mention of traditional drinks across the globe, the first thing that comes to my mind is the simple and humble drink called Kokam Sharbat which is quite popular in the western region of India like Konkan of Maharashtra state and Karnataka. Kokam fruit, is omnipresent in these region in various forms and has so many uses in the household.

As a kid, drinking Kokam Sharbat was an everyday affair after playing in the harsh summers as it was said to have cooling properties on the body and provided relief from heat stroke. Even today I make sure to stack up on the bottles of Kokam Sharbat so as to drink post work. It definitely wins hand down compared to any energy drinks in market or fizzy cola.”



Ketki GadreKetki is traveler, amateur photographer, explorer, learner and nature lover. She loves to travel for food and try local vegetarian cuisines around the globe.





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