Traveller’s Diary Part #3: Glühwein from Beautiful Switzerland and Aguapanela from Bold Colombia

In this part of the traveller’s diary we bring to you two traditional drinks, one from the beautiful Switzerland and another from bold Colombia. Both the drinks are unique in their style of making, ingredients and the way they are served. These inputs from Anup & Bhavna and Malita are so beautifully written that while reading them, it makes us crave to try these drinks.

If you are in any of these places or planning to visit soon, do try them! Happy reading..

Glühwein from Switzerland, by Bhavna and Anup

Gluhwein, Switzerland
Gluhwein, Switzerland

“Few years back, we (FOUR FRIENDS) decided to celebrate Christmas in Switzerland. A white Christmas indeed. We had many suggestions for Things to do, places to see and food to eat and drink by our friends and families. Someone had suggested Gluwein as a must try.

When we were roaming around the snowy streets of Bern, we came across this food market selling different savouries and snack and they had Gluwein too. We all grabbed a steaming cup each and the first sip was like elixir to our frozen body and mind.

So what exactly is Gluwein? It is a Christmas drink of Europe , the taste of Winter. It is simply translated as Glow wine and it’s origin traces back to Romans who added spice to their mulled wine and got addicted to it.

Bhavna AnupA traditional Gluhwein contains dry red wine, brandy or rum, water, orange, lemon, lime, agave syrup or sugar, cloves nutmeg, cinnamon stick. vanilla bean, and star anise. All these ingredients are boiled together for a long time and end up in a red colour drink with an amazing taste.

A must try for everyone who are planning to travel to Europe during the winters.”

Bhavna and Anup, the husband wide duo  are based in Dubai and love to travel. Being in Dubai makes it easier for them to travel around the world in terms of proximity and they take full advantage of it. As they say, “Traveling has taught us a lot but yeh dil maange more. We have not been everywhere, but that’s surely on our list :)”



Aguapanela from Colombia, by Malita Castro

Aguapanela, Colombia
Aguapanela, Colombia

“On a chilly Friday night I had gone up Monserate, the highest point in Bogota with friends and colleagues. I was introduced to Aguapanela in a restaurant serving typical Colombian food up on the hill.

Aguapanela is a drink commonly had across South America. It is made by mixing hardened sugarcane juice into water. This drink goes well with the cold mountainous weather of Colombia and is served hot. It is also known to have medicinal properties and so is very popular with the Colombians. In the Carribean coast of Cartagena it is served chilled.
Malita Crasto
The traditional way of having this sweet drink is to accompany it with cheese, locally known as queso. Chunks of cheese are dunked into the hot panela and the melted cheese is happily slurped with the drink.”
For Malita, traveling teaches valuable life lessons no school can offer. The offbeat and unknown is her travel style and preference. Experiencing local cultures and lifestyles pushes her out of her comfort zone. 
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