Traveller’s Diary Part #4: Pastis, the national drink of France.

Pastis, is a traditional french drink that you are bound to fall in love with. It is an anise flavoured apéritif, an alcoholic drink which is taken before meals to increase the appetite. It is considered to be a lighter version of absinthe. It is often diluted with water before consumption, this can be easily five to seven parts water and one part Pastis.

Our fellow traveller Divya, shares with us her experience about the drink while she was an exchange student in France.

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Pastis, National Drink of France
Pastis, National Drink of France

“Remember that humble ‘saunf’ (anise) that your granny gave you to digest a hearty meal? Well, the French swear by it too but a tad bit differently. An anise flavoured drink, the Pastis, is a traditional aperitif taken before a meal to get your system set for all the good food in store.

Go to Marseille in the South of France and you cannot miss the sight of people relaxing on roadside bars and cafes along the cobbled lanes – all sipping glasses of an icy cold cloud coloured liquid. The drink is prepared from a yellow coloured liqueur which turns milky white when mixed with iced water. It is sweet, strongly tastes of anise and leaves your insides feeling cool and refreshed. This drink masquerades around as a digestive drink, but mind you, when taken in high concentration, it falls in the league of potent drinks like absinthe.

And in case you didn’t know, the humble Pastis is also France’s national drink – all the more reason to sample some the next time you are there!”

Divya Iyer is a traveler and an amateur photographer. She loves to learn and explore different cultures. But most importantly, She loves coffee and is on the constant prowl for exquisite locales to enjoy it. 






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