Traveller’s Diary Part #6: Himalayan honey ginger lemon tea from Tibet

Just like the old and strong Himalayas, comes from the crevices of old traditions of Tibet, the natural elixir – The honey ginger lemon tea. Amongst many drinks, this one is not just exhilarating and refreshing, it cures one of many diseases. This tea has most therapeutic properties like it heals headaches, digestive disorders, in some cases tumors, leads to weight loss and beautiful skin.

It is a 2000 year old Tibetan tradition to serve honey ginger lemon tea. Our fellow traveller Apoorva Mishra got to witness the blend to perfect taste of the Tibetan origin in our very own India at Mcleodganj. Here is what she has to say..

Tibetan tea for longevity: The honey ginger lemon tea
Tibetan tea for longevity: The honey ginger lemon tea

“When you find something as refreshing as the Tibetan honey ginger lemon tea is peaceful Himalayas, what could be more perfect. Just sit there sipping your hot cup and admire the beauty. It is very famously called the Tibetan tea for longevity. When you come to think of it, it is a very normal drink which made out of a few basic home ingredients, however it takes art to get the brew perfect with the right blend of all there is in it. It was this spicy sweet mixture which at least I haven’t tasted anywhere else. Ours had these shredded gingers and lemon slices which kept the drink strong and aromatic. Here in the hill stations it is a very famous drink. Whenever you visit the hill stations in the north, the drink is a must try.”

Apoorva Mishra is a cooking enthusiast, who keeps experimenting with new cuisines. An expert on tempting and mouth watering North Indian and South Indian dishes.







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