10 ways to prevent red wine from staining your teeth

Wine is an acidic beverage-so it promotes enamel erosion that makes it easier for chromogens to soak into your smile. Tannins, the astringent compounds that create the dry-mouth texture of wine, also bind to the teeth, encouraging pigment to latch on.

Even though we love our red wine, we would not want to stain our pearly whites. Drinks Nucleus connected with Dr Tanvir Singh, Consultant Orthodontist & Director at Dentem, The Dental and Orthodontic Clinic to bring you the 10 ways in which you can prevent your teeth from red wine stains. Here is what he has to advise..

1. Brush before

Brush your teeth an hour before wine as wine clings to and stains the plaque on your teeth.

2. Brushing after

Drinking wine can damage your tooth enamel, since high acidity of wine make your teeth super sensitive to abrasion.

3. Mouth wash

Rinsing with plain water or salt and water after wine shall also reduce staining.

4. Sparkling water

Drinking sparkling water in between the glasses of wine keep wine stains away.

5. Cheese

Eating cheese will cause calcium to build up on your teeth and close the tiny micro pores on the surface, hence making it difficult for wine to stain your teeth, no wonder wine and cheese go together.

6. Fiber

Foods with high fiber content, like broccoli, Brussel sprouts, and potatoes, help produce your mouth produce more saliva and scrub away the stains as you chew.

7. Lemon

Lemon works wonder over stain but it is as acidic as wine and the combination can erode teeth further so employ this in case of emergency.

8. White wine

Never have white wine before red wine. Try to avoid this at all costs-mainly because the acidity of white wine erodes your enamel and basically acts as a primer, making the red wine tannins “sticks” to your teeth more.

9. Home whitening kit

Use  home whitening  kit every time after you have red wine , use the product at home to get awesome results.

10. Zoom whitening

It is the best option for sparkling white teeth instantly.


 Dr. Tanvir Singh, B.D.S., M.D.S. (Ortho), is a practicing orthodontist since last 15 yrs. He started his career with max health care in 2000 and was the first one to set up the orthodontic department for max. Dr. Tanvir has been into academics since last 13 yrs and is currently vice principal in a dental college and has numerous research publications in various Indian and international journals. He has been internal and external examiner in orthodontics for various universities.


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