Alcohol addiction can take a toll on your sex life!

You must have come across multiple blogs on how alcohol addiction ruins one’s health or his/her family life, however, we, as a community, have often restrained ourselves from talking about alcohol addiction taking a toll on one’s sex life.

Alcohol can be the ‘third one’ in your bedroom. Regular intake of drinks can foul up your sex life; alcohol induces one to behave differently and thus making one vulnerable to sexual risks. Alcohol addiction makes one more susceptible to sexual attacks. A 2014 study carried out for Family Planning Association, United Kingdom, found that:

  • Alcohol drinking induces a person to engage in sex without a condom.
  • 70 per cent of the respondents said that alcohol had a major role in all the sexual encounters that they regret.
  •       Under the influence of alcohol, people tend to forget when they had sex, with whom they had it and where they had it! Isn’t it icky, eh?
  • A huge chunk of respondents said that alcohol made them have sex with someone they don’t even fancy in a normal state.

Alcohol gives one ‘beer goggles’ and then those under its influence hop into bed with someone they don’t desire sexually, making the next morning embarrassing and confusing.

The worse of alcohol and sex

  • The unwise sex that follows after excessive drinking makes you prone to catching sexual infections because you don’t know the person sitting next to you in the pub.
  • The poor decision of not using a contraceptive method can lead to an unwanted pregnancy and what follows after that is something we don’t even want to throw light on!
  • We understand that booze makes you horny, but do you know boozing is a potent cause of impotence (erectile dysfunction). You may impress a lady over a few drinks but when it comes to performance in the bedroom, you might not even perform averagely. Reason enough to control boozing?
  • If you are pregnant or even trying to conceive, maintain a good distance from alcohol. It can risk your fetus’ health and for those who are trying to get pregnant, it may further postpone your chances of conception.
  • Excessive alcohol use can lead to diminished libido, however, more research is needed to prove this.
  • Drunken sex with an unknown person/someone who isn’t your partner can lead to discord in a marriage/relationship and gives a chance to your better half to use it against you.

The fact remains that alcoholism blocks one’s thinking and leads to regrettable situations. Party hard, but know when you have to stop, know what mindless drinking can push you into. Always have protected sex and don’t let emotions take over logic.

Consult a counselor today to get rid of alcohol addiction!

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