Learn How Alcoholism Destroys the Body, Before You Take Another Sip

Alcoholism is not just bad for personal health but affects personal relationships to a great extent. In this article we cover some basic tips to minimise the effects of alcohol on your body. 

Alcoholism is very dangerous for body and health. Alcohol consumption causes umpteen numbers of health disadvantages and the major cause of cancer occurred due to heavy alcohol consumption. Now a days much help is available to those who seek, from rehab centre to alcoholic anonymous (AA) groups to tonnes of advice and inspirational videos online.  In this article we cover some some basic DIY tips with which you can minimise the negative effects of the alcohol relevantly.

Types of Cancer caused due to Alcohol Consumption

  • Breast cancer, liver cancer, mouth or tongue cancer, oral cancer, Esophageal Cancer, Laryngeal Cancer, colon cancer and many more.
  • Long-term chronic alcoholism may lead to these types of cancers and it may increase the risk of several types of cancers.
  • Alcohol affects the metabolism and severe, dangerous diseases may occur due to alcoholism.

Are you trying to minimize the effect of alcohol? There are various DIY you can do easily, which are as follows:

  • Eat first- before consuming alcohol. If you are full, alcohol will enter your body slowly. It is essential to minimize the negative alcohol effects.
  • Drink slowly- if you drink alcohol slowly, it will not effect on your body.
  • Clearer alcohols such as gin, vodka and white rums are good options. Avoid cheap alcohols available in the market. That may harm your body more.
  • Drink plenty of water, it is important to hydrate your body. When you start consuming alcohol, start drinking water in between alcohol consumption. Try to drink sports beverage.
  • Try to drink water in the morning and if you have hangover, it will vanish soon.

By adapting these simple steps, you can combat the negative effects of alcohol. Alcohol can cause cancer, if consumed for a long time. This can weaken your immune system and can have negative effects on your health.

The major thing to prevent the effect of alcohol is to create a cancer resistant system in your body. We need to have a strong immune system to defend the effects of alcohol. Considering the fact, you should have a healthy diet. Healthy diet will provide you a strong immune system.

Finally yet importantly, alcohol not only does not have any nutritional value, but it will be harmful for the body. However, with healthy foods and minimizing the consumption of alcohol, you may combat cancer and other diseases that caused due to the excess consumption of alcohol. It is vital to stay healthy and combat the various effects of alcohol consumption.

Article by Dietitian Sheela Seharawat.

Sheela is a registered dietician under IDA. She holds her master’s degree in food and nutrition and is the founder of Diet clinic, which has currently 36 branches running successfully all over the country. She has been a professional attendant in the army hospital.

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