Flushed. Tipsy. Legless. Hammered. Slaughtered.

Here are some fun expressions which mean, well obviously that you are drunk. These can very well represent the stages of drinking a person goes through., from sober to drunk!

Flushed: Mildly drunk, just enough to put some extra rosy colour to your cheeks.

Tipsy: You are happy high when you are tipsy. This is the milder version of drunk where you talk a lot or laugh a lot.

Legless: Drunk enough to be not able to walk. You are almost leg less.

Drink like a fish: You are fish drinking from a watering hole. This is an expression for someone who drinks regularly and a lot!

Slammed: One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, Floor! Used for someone who is very very drunk mostly after having rounds of tequila slammers.

Hammered: Drunk enough to feel like hit by a hammer. Well, very very drunk.

Sloshed: You are not tipsy and you are not hammered, but hey! somewhere in between where you move like a liquid in a container. You are sloshed.

Plastered: Drunk enough to give blank expressions.

Wasted: Drunk, drunk enough to be of no help at all. A major hangover awaits you with well, you wasting your time and day.

Barking at the moon:  One who goes crazy after drinking, talking to the walls and laughing looking at the mirror may be?!

Sober as a Judge: This is an ironic idiom, it means drunk.

Drunk as a lord: Well, it also means drunk. Drunk as a lord because a lord of certain place has the full right to command as much alcohol as he wishes to.

Slaughtered: Very drunk.

Be on the wagon: Someone who is off drinking alcohol.

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