10 Witty Tweets by Mumbai Police on Don’t Drink And Drive

Mumbai police’s twitter account has been quite effective to help the forces maintain law on ground in the city and help the citizens in normal functioning of the civic society. With close to 2.3 Million followers, the Mumbai police’s account is not just active, it is followed by Mumbaikars but also by people across India. Various safety messages are dished out to the public in a witty, not to be missed fashion and are always followed, remembered and shared. One such not to be missed messages are about drunken driving where the Mumbai police has been urging the citizens to not drink and drive and keep the safety of oneself and public on the road of prime importance.

10 witty tweets on #DontDrinkandDrive and #SafetyFirst


Like the bee stings, don’t let the bee in beer sting you! Don’t drink and drive

When it comes to drunken driving, with Mumbai police being active, there is a small line between “behind the wheels” and “behind the bars”

Can it get more creative?! We are totally loving the message hidden in that little jingle. Don’t drink and drive.

Luck favours the brave. Drinking and driving is not brave.

Some of us understand texting and emoticons language sooner & better. So here it is for you..Don’t drink and drive. #Genius

Whisky and Risky. That rhymed!

Sober is safety for oneself and others on the road. Don’t drink and drive.

The cases of drunken driving rise during the weekends. Another genius artwork by them wishing the people Happy weekend.

Wishing New Year in style!

Your journey from birth to death, incase you are drinking and driving. So, Don’t drink and drive and Stay safe!

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