Let’s Snack and Slurp in one glass with Dr. Bubbles Chai Specialist

When it comes to food and beverages, there is something always interesting on offer for the people. It is interesting to know how the youth today is ready to experiment today and will not shy away from new concoctions.

We were recently invited to review Dr. Bubbles in Banda, Mumbai. It is a nice and small outlet opposite globus cinema on hill road.

Disclaimer: Here is our genuine review of the place, not at all skewed by the fact that it was on invitation.

First of all, let us begin by telling you what exactly is bubble tea and its origins.

Bubble tea is fruit tea or milk tea which can be served cold or hot infused with bubbles or pearls. The origins of bubble tea lie in Taiwan, where it was invented in 1980’s. This is one drink where you snack and slurp at the same time. There bubbles are made from tapioca which is a starch that comes from cassava root. These balls consist of sweet potato powder or jelly which can vary in colour and taste depending upon the seasoning used. 

Dr. Bubbles owner a.k.a Adnan Sarkar
Dr. Bubbles owner a.k.a Adnan Sarkar

Outlet location:

This is the flagship outlet of Dr. Bubbles. Outlet is conveniently located in Bandra west, Mumbai opposite globus cinema close to marks and spencer.

Seating: Can seat upto 11 people at once

Timings: 11 am to 12 pm

Owner: Mr. Adnan Sarkar

What’s on offer ?

Fruit teas – 15 flavours, Milk shakes – 16 flavours, Hot tea cappuccino – 7 flavours and yoghurt shakes – 16 flavours, waffles – 7 variations.


Bubbles that go in the bubble tea and the Waffles that are Crispy from the outside and soft and gooey on the inside


Between Rs. 130-180 for drinks and Rs. 90 – 150 for waffles

Dr. Bubbles Team at Work
Dr. Bubbles Team at Work

What we tried ?

Litchi tea with strawberry bubbles

Blueberry with litchi yoghurt

Pan with strawberry bubbles milkshake

Mocha tea

Tiramisu flavoured waffles

Ms. Harpreet from Drinks Nucleus at Dr. Bubbles
Ms. Harpreet from Drinks Nucleus at Dr. Bubbles
Various syrups on offer
Various syrups on offer

Our experience:

Since we like trying new things, bubble tea is something that we saw and experienced first time in India. All of their teas had green tea as its base with the required flavouring. Of course, the listed tea flavour was pre-dominant and it was a surprise to us that green tea was used as the base ingredient. The bubbles used in the tea are all imported from Taiwan to make sure of the authenticity and quality of the product. For us, bubble tea was a nice twist to the iced tea which is generally on offer at many outlets. The staff behind the counter had knowledge of the product and what to suggest to the customers. For example, they suggested that we opted for a different tea and different bubble flavour to get the maximum for our taste buds. Indeed, it was nice. We would definitely recommend our readers to give this a try.

The blueberry with litchi yoghurt shake, though claimed was made differently, the taste of yoghurt was same as one would find one any other commercial yoghurt outlet. Pan with strawberry bubbles milkshake was really a good flavour to try. Our inherited Indian love for Pan made us instantly like the milkshake.

Mocha tea had a very different preparation. It was tea, yet cappuccino flavoured. It does sound a little twisty but again, Dr. Bubbles is full of un though of flavour combinations. The waffle was good too and tasted just like Tiramisu.

Feedback for our readers:

We think is a must try place just for the fact that it’s the first time a bubble tea is on offer in India and in our opinion it does taste good. This is a very common tea and highly recommended to tourists if you visit places like Taiwan, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia etc. So why not try the drink when Dr. Bubbles have brought it closer to home for us?!

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