Traveller’s Diary Part #7: Rambo’s tea stall on a bright yellow Vespa, Dalhousie

Dalhousie is a famous hill station in the state of Himachal Pradesh in North India. One can still find the essence of the colonial British in the place.The beauty is just breathtaking and mesmerising. There are a couple of water falls and river streams which with the added backdrop of mountains and forests makes the place an ideal spot to let your hair down, beat off the city stress and pollution. While you enjoys the scenic beauty, what better than have a cup of hot tea to cozy you up?!

Ayandrali Dutta, an avid traveller and a chai enthusiast shares with us her experience of an amazing tea stall on wheels.

Rambo Tea Stall, Mall Road, Dalhousie
Rambo Tea Stall, Mall Road, Dalhousie

“As you walk down the Mall Road in Dalhousie, in the middle of the ever busy, ever crowed road a bright yellow Piaggio Vespa, with names of dishes written all around the scooter catches your attention. And then you notice man with long beard with a salt and pepper touch, the mastermind behind this awesomely creative tea stall on a scooter- Sunil Pawar aka Rambo, that’s how he loved to be called. This mobile tea stand looks totally cool, funky and eccentric.

Uncle Rambo’s Bread omlette is known to one and all in and around Gandhi chowk and he seems to be pretty popular amongst locals. He has been selling Bread Omlette, Maggi, Sandwiches, Half Fried Eggs, Egg Bhurji, French Toast and more for almost 20 years now. Serving everyone with a smile Rambo is showstopper at the chowk. The otherwise ordinary looking Tibetian market suddenly starts to look vibrant with the yellow scooter strategically stationed.

Rambo tea stall, menu on the scooty
Rambo tea stall, menu on the scooty

He also proudly displays his newspaper articles that have been written on him. Framed they hang in his yellow Piaggio. Everyone who crosses that path he makes sure to exchange a smile with one and all. Once you are there at his stall don’t forget to ask for some hot and sizzling Maggi and his Indianised French toast with tomato sauce. The hot, fluffy and soft toast is just perfect for a winter evening and don’t forget to add some boiled eggs to your plate. Cold winter evening, breezy weather and the hot sip of ginger tea, nothing beats the flavour of this simple tasting lip smacking goodies from Rambo’s scooter.

Full of excitement and energy one can never spot Rambo without a smile. His colourful persona, the brighter than bright yellow scooter, and those yum yum snacks makes your trip till this spot just perfect.”

Ayandrali Dutta- A wanderess by passion, wordsmith by profession, and a home-chef by choice – Exploring newer terrains, books, tea and adda (in the order) with a pinch of insanity pretty much sums me up. From sunset to sunrise everything tickles that butterfly in my tummy. My blog is all about capturing moments and freezing them. It’s the story of my encounter, experience and romancing on the road – everything penned down here is with sheer joy. It’s a writer’s past that makes a lesson of lifetime for one.
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